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GameCab Fighter 600 Multi-Game Arcade Machine

DEAL PRICE: £1,095

GameCab 400 MultiGame Arcade Machine

GameCab Galaxy Plus Subwoofer Tabletop Arcade Machine
DEAL PRICE: £1,045

NEW GameCab Compendium 2100 Arcade Machine



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GameCab Galaxy Elite Coin Operated 400 + Subwoofer System
1,395.00 1,295.00

Grab a deal now...

The best just got better! The new GameCab Galaxy Elite Coin Operated with subwoofer sound system is the highest specification table arcade machine available at this price point.

GameCab Galaxy Table Arcade Machine

Here's why the specification of this machine can't be beaten at this price point!

  • CAD Designed, CNC Cut, Commercial Build
  • Impeccable Finish
  • Full Surge Protection & EMI Filter
  • Toughened Pilkington Safety Glass
  • 412 Classic Games
  • 2 Silent Cooling Fans
  • Genuine Arcade Components
  • 20" LCD Display
  • Customisable Graphics
  • Wired to JAMMA Arcade Standard
  • Height Adjustable Feet
  • Subwoofer Sound System
  • Coin Operated - Can Be Set To Freeplay
  • Standard or Lit Buttons

Design & Build - Check

We took a great machine and made it legendary! The GameCab range of tables have always been at the forefront of design and the GameCab Galaxy Plus doesn't disappoint! First we went back to the digital drawing board and redesigned the cabinet from the ground up to create a design that seamlessly fits together by integrating panels into each other to create a flawless finish. This digital blueprint is brought to life with a CNC machine that cuts to such a high level of accuracy that there is only a 0.002" inch possible deviation. This accuracy means that we can introduce ingenious ways to put the cabinet together because at this level it's like producing carbon copies.

The machine is professionally constructed, wired and finished within a quality controlled environment where attention to detail is the matra.

Your machine is precious! That's why it's protected through two integrated systems. One is an electro magnetic filter that smoothes out electrical noise that can interfere with your machine. The other is a surge protection system that will protect your machine from power spikes and electrical surges.

To keep the machine running smoothly there are two fan systems. This ensures that your machine won't let you down on even the longest gaming session.

GameCab Galaxy Arcade Machine Two Sets of Controls

The Screen - Check

Vertically mounted 20" LCD screen protected by toughend Pilkington safety glass. For the top of the machine you can choose a stylish plain top, the graphics shown on the machine image or your own custom artwork. With custom artwork you can add your own stamp to the machine. Please contact us for details.

The Controls - Check

  • Genuine arcade components that are designed to last.
  • Perfect control position - gaming is comfortable as well as enjoyable.
  • Choose standard or lit buttons.

The Sound - Check

  • Stereo speakers allow you to enjoy every second.
  • Sensory overload with a subwoofer sound system - Space Invaders at it's best!
  • Easy volume adjustment plus bass and treble adjustment for perfect setup.

The Games - Check
The GameCab Galaxy Plus Coin Operated Tabletop comes with a complimentary game card that contains 60 games, that features high score save and a full admin system to adjust difficulty of games and the number of lives. Games on this include:

1942, 1943, 1943 Kai, Springer, Zig Zag, 800 Fathoms, Ajax, Ali Baba and 40 Thieves, Amidar, Anteater, Arabian, Arkanoid, Armored Car, Astro Blaster, Astro Fighter, Astro Invader, Battle Lane!, Battle-Road, Beastie Feastie, Big Kong, Bio Attack, Black Hole, Blades of Steel, Block Gal, Blue Print, Bomb Bee, Bomb Jack, Bongo, Bump 'n' Jump, Burger Time, Cavelon, Centipede, Cheeky Mouse, Circus Charlie, Commando, Congo Bongo, Crazy Kong, Crazy Rally, Crush Roller, Cutie Q, Darwin 4078, Defend the Terra Attack, UFO, Devil Fish, Devil Zone, Dig Dug, Dig Dug II, Dingo, Disco No.1, Dock Man,

Dog Fight (Thunderbolt), Dommy, Dorodon, Dr. Micro, Dr. Toppel's Adventure, Dream Shopper, Eagle, Eggor, Eight Ball Action, Enigma 2, Exciting Soccer, Exerion, Eyes, Fantasy, Fantazia, Fighting Roller, Finalizer - Super Transformation, Fire Battle, Fire Trap, Fly-Boy, Free Kick, Frog, Frogger, Funky Bee, Funky Fish, Funny Mouse, Future Spy, Galaga, Galaga 3, Galaxian, Galaxian Part X, Galaxian Turbo, Galaxy Wars, Gaplus, Gardia, Ghostmuncher Galaxian, Gigas, Go Go Mr. Yamaguchi, Gomoku Narabe Renju, Gorkans, Grobda, Gun Dealer, Gun Smoke

Guzzler, Gyrodine, Gyruss, Hangly-Man, Hero in the Castle of Doom, High Way Race, Hoccer, Hopper Robo, Intrepid, Jack the Giantkiller, Jackal, Joinem, Jolly Jogger, Joyman, Jr. Pac-Man, Jump Coaster, Jumping Jack, Jungler, Juno First, Kangaroo, Kaos, Kicker, King & Balloon, Korosuke Roller, Labyrinth Runner, Lady Bug, Lasso, Lock'n'Chase, Loco-Motion, Looping, Lunar Rescue, Mad Alien, Mappy, Mighty Guy

Mighty Monkey, Mikie, Millipede, Minky Monkey, Mission 660, Mister Viking, Money Money, Monkey Donkey, Monster Bash, Moon Alien, Moon Alien Part 2, Moon Cresta, Moonwar, Motos, Mouser, Mr. Do!, Mr. Do's Castle, Mr. Jong, Mr. Kougar, Mr. TNT, Ms. Pac Attack, Ms. Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man (speedup), Ms. Pac-Man Plus, Mysterious Stones, Naughty Boy, Naughty Mouse, Navarone, Net Wars, New Puck-X, New Sinbad 7, New York New York, Nibbler, Ninja Emaki, Nunchackun, Oli-Boo-Chu, Omega Fighter Special, Ozma Wars, Pac & Pal, Pac-Man, Pac-Man Plus, Pandora's Palace, Pengo, Perestroika Girls

Phozon, Pickin', Pinball Action, Pinbo, Pioneer Balloon, Piranha, Pisces, Pit, The, Pleiads, Polaris, Pooyan, Pop Flamer, Popper, Power Surge, PuckMan, PuckMan (speedup), Radar Scope, Rafflesia, Regulus, Return of the Invaders, Baseball Skill Tryout, Road Fighter, Roc'n Rope, Round-Up, Rug Rats, S.R.D. Mission, Samurai Nihon-ichi, Satan of Saturn, Saturn, Scorpion, Scramble, Scrambled Egg, Seicross, Senjyo

Shao-Lin's Road, Shot Rider, Sindbad Mystery, Sky Base, Son of Phoenix, Space Firebird, Space Force, Space Invaders Part II, Space King 2, Space Panic, Space Panic (harder), Space Pilot, Space Raider, Space Thunderbird, Speak & Rescue, Speed Ball, Star Force, Star Jacker, Stinger, Strata Bowling, Streaking, Super Bagman, Super Basketball, Super Breakout, Super Cobra, Super Doubles Tennis, Super Galaxians

Super Invaders, Super Mouse, Super Pac-Man, Super Qix, Super Space Invaders '91, Super Zaxxon, Swarm, SWAT, Syusse Oozumou, Tactician, Tank Battalion, The End, Time Pilot, Toki no Senshi, Top Roller, Tower of Druaga, Traverse USA , Triple Punch, Turpin

Tutankham, UniWar S, Vanguard, Van-Van Car, Vastar, Video Hustler, VS Gong Fight, VulgusWanted, Warp & Warp, Water SkiWiping, Wiz, Woodpecker, Xevious, Yamato, Zaxxon, Zodiack, Zzyzzyxx

PLUS... MANY MANY MORE Retro Classics! Please contact us for the full game list!

Easy Access - Check
If you ever needed to get inside your machine there is a large access panel on one side. Also, the joysticks and buttons can be replaced by removing the access panel underneath the control panel. Although you would have to be a 300lb gorilla to break these controls as they're designed to ensure they can endure many years of gameplay!

Freeplay - Check
There's no need to enter coins as this fantastic machine is freeplay.

Warranty - Check
The GameCab Galaxy Elite tabletop arcade machine comes with a comprehensive 12 months warranty!

Perfect Setup - Check
The days of propping a beer mat under the corner of a table to get it level is over. The GameCab Galaxy Elite features height adjustable feet for a perfectly stable machine.

GameCab Galaxy Plus Table Arcade Machine

Beautiful Design Matched with Excellent Build Quality
20" LCD Display
Genuine Arcade Controls
Toughened Pilkington Glass
Wired to JAMMA Standard
Height Adjustable Feet
Control Panel Mounted Speakers
Electrical EMI & Surge Protection
Coin Operated - Can be set to Freeplay
Plain Black Top, Standard Graphics, Custom Options Available
Silent Cooling Fans

L 96cm x W 47cm x H 80cm


Please Note : The GameCab Galaxy Elite Coin Operated Arcade Machine is provided with a 1 year warranty. The games are included free with this system. Please allow up to 14 days for delivery.