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GameCab Special - Bespoke Upright Arcade Machine

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The GameCab Bespoke Upright Arcade Machine is a first for the industry! Now we give you the option to ensure that your new machine matches your home! You don't have to make do with just one cabinet design because we can produce an arcade machine cabinet to your exact specifications.

We do this thanks to the latest CAD design program that allows us to build a 3D model of how your cabinet will look and also how it will seamlessley fit together. You don't need to be a designer to get us started on this. All we need is a rough idea of the shape and dimensions that you're after. From this we can produce a design that is then tweaked to your requirements. When you're happy with the design we can move onto the next stage.

Select Your Colour
If you're going for artwork on your machine traditional black is a good route to go down as most of your machine would be artworked anyway. But if you're looking to match your decor we can produce your machine with the finish of your choice. Here are some popular examples.

American Oak
French Walnut

Select Your Screen Size
As standard we provide a high quality 19" LCD display that is perfect for enjoying arcade games, especially when your cabinet is designed to compliment it. If you're looking for a larger screen we have the option to upgrade to a 26" LCD screen. Both screens are brand new high quality commercial open frame arcade monitors that are produced for arcade cabinets. The screen size is all down to personal choice. If your passion is retro games from the 80's the 19" display is perfect. If you have more of a love of the beat 'em ups of the 90's and onwards the 26" display enhances the experience.

Select Your Controls
We don't just use any controls on the GameCab Bespoke Arcade Machine. Joysticks are the cutting edge Mag-Stik Plus - the Worlds only magnetically centered joystick! A standard joystick is centered by a spring, over time this can result in play in the joystick. By magnetically centering the joystick there's no spring to wear down so it keeps a like new feel. It also allows you to change from a 4-way joystick to an 8-way joystick without having to start fumbling about inside the cabinet or without any unsightly switches on the control panel. This means you can play a 4-way game like Pac-Man perfectly and then change to 8-way to enjoy Street Fighter.

We also feature high quality fire buttons. These are available as a solid colour with red being the most popular, or as an illuminated button for late night gaming.

Design Your Cabinet
Now this is the most exciting part! You get to design your own machine. If you have an idea, or a favourite style all we need is either a rough sketch of your idea or a picture of an example machine. If you don't know where to start we can show you a couple of popular designs as a starting point. We can then create this in a 3D CAD environment that also allows us to design how the machine would be pieced together for a perfect fit.

You may need to have your machine fit into a certain space, or be a certain height. Thankfully all of this is your own choice!

One your design is confirmed your machine is CNC cut to the designs specifications

Custom Artwork
Your machine will look awesome in a classic finish with header artwork of your choice. But we also give you the option of custom artwork on your cabinet completed to your taste! Put your name on the machine or just have some great looking artwork to inspire you to play.

The Games
The game system is truly a work of art. It mixes modern technology with old school standards. The high specification system has a dual core processor with a generous amount of memory to ensure stutter free gaming. A silent running high specification liquid cooling system ensures that never mind how hot the action gets the game system won't break a sweat. Matted to the game system is a genuine JAMMA arcade top board that allows the game system to hook up to the controls just like the original machines back in the day.

The game selection on the GameCab Bespoke Arcade Machine is superb! CONTACT US for the amazing full game list! Here's just a small taster of what is available on this machine!


Street Fighter Series - Fatal Fury Series - King of Fighters Series


Golden Axe - Shinobi - Splatter House - Altered Beast - Kung Fu Master


Vigilante - Metal Slug - Robocop - Aliens - Sky Kid


When you're done beating people up you can...


Wonder Boy - Simpsons - Ghosts n Goblins - Dynamite Dux - Snow Bros


Super Mario Bros - Chase HQ - Outrun - Bubble Bobble - Rainbow Islands

. .


Easy To Use
The system is simple to use. All you need to do is power up the machine and you'll be dropped into an easy to use menu system. From here you can simply choose your game and play away. To make finding your game easier there are multiple categories to allow you to quickly find your favourite game.

Modern Day Reliability
There's no need to worry about issues spoiling your gaming fun as the internals of this great machine are light years ahead of yesteryears tech. Power into the machine is cleaned with an electro magnetic interference filter. The screen is now a superb LCD monitor of your choice that is protected with 6mm of toughened safety glass. The controls are 100% genuine arcade components designed to take year upon year of mashing. This machine is built to last!

Pump up the Volume
Sound is jaw dropping on this machine. Classic arcade machines use paltry 5 watt speakers. The GameCab Bepoke Arcade Machine features it's own amplifier to allow it it punch out an outstanding 800 watts through two high performance 6" 3-way coaxial speakers. These deliver a full range sound experience. From pounding base to subtle high notes. Gaming literally comes alive! You'll be pleased to know that this power can be easily controlled so you can play late at night with the volume down or turn it right up as the centre point of a party.

Freeplay or Coin Operated
As you're designing your machine you can also choose how it's operated. Setup as freeplay with a credit button or you can have it setup as coin operated with the option to switch to freeplay. The choice is yours! If you go for a coin mechanism it can be easily programmed for sterling, euros, tokens, in fact any type of coin you can imagine. It's also capable of accepting six different types of coins making it a superb money box that can take 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, 1 and 2 coins!

One of a Kind
Each GameCab Bespoke Arcade Machine is literally a one-of-kind. It's your chance to own a machine that has been produced to your own specification. If you have any questions on this process please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

H cm x W
cm x D cm

All depends on your final specification and size. Your machine will be mounted on lockable castors for ease of movement.

Please Note: The GameCab Bespoke Arcade Machine is provided with a 12 month warranty. The games are included free with this system. Please allow up to 28 days for delivery. This takes into account preparation design, construction and testing.

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