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Heads Up Challenge Texas Hold 'Em Poker
£5,995.00 £4,250.00

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Forget the bygone era of card games with Kenny Rogers singing "You got to know when to hold em, know when to fold em", for technology has created the ultimate card game based on the world phenomenon Texas Hold'Em Poker.

See the Machine in Action

The Heads Up Challenge Texas Hold 'Em Poker adds a whole new dimension to the game of poker. It instills a competitive edge to anyone who steps up to the luxuriously designed table. That looks more like the kind of machine you'd see Bond playing in a multimillion dollar casino, than sitting in your home! The machine was originally designed for high end casino's creating a level of tension and suspense that not even the greatest card game could muster. The success of the Heads Up Challenge machine has been so great that there was an outcry from home users to have access to the same quality to allow them to experience the adrenaline rush that this cutting edge Texas Hold'Em machine provides.

No corners at all have been cut on this home model! This is the very same machine that has been rolled out in casino's across the US and Europe. The only difference is you don't have to pay to play!

Doubling as a cocktail table, this is more than an arcade game: it’s a sleek piece of furniture you’ll be proud to display in any room.

Heads-Up Challenge uses a 100% random shuffle from a 52-card deck for every hand dealt, plus realistic graphics and sounds to represent cards and chips, so you can be assured you're playing an authentic Hold'em game. The machine is the perfect bar game, because the table handles all of the mechanics of dealing, hand determinations, and awarding of pots, so all you have to do is play the game, not administer it. Plus Heads-Up Challenge offers cool features you can't get at a regular poker table - like showdown odds and a leader board to proudly display your takedowns.


1. No-Limit Texas Hold'em on Heads-Up Challenge™ is played based on the following rules:

  • The game enables two players to play heads-up, no limit, tournament Texas Hold’em against each other.
  • In single-player mode, the game enables a single player to play against the computer.
  • Each player is initially given 10,000 in chips to play.
  • In heads-up play, the small blind is on the button. The player on the button is the first to act. The button rotates clockwise following each hand.
  • The default blind levels (forced bets) for game play are:
    1. 100/200
    2. 200/400
    3. 300/600
    4. 400/800
    5. 500/1000
    6. 1000/2000, etc.

2. Blind levels increase every seven hands.

3. A player cannot retrieve a bet after it has been committed.

  • If a player cannot pay the blind, he must go all-in.
  • The number of raises in any betting round is unlimited.

4. If a player presses Bet, but does not select at least the minimum bet amount, the game will automatically call the minimum bet amount.

5. If a player does not act within 20 seconds, the game will:

  • Check if no one has bet this round.
  • Fold if there’s an existing bet.

6. The game ends when a player loses all of his chips. At that point, the player with all the chips is the winner.

7. Heads-Up Challenge uses standard poker hand rankings to determine the winner.

Amazing Construction

Designed to last, the Heads Up Challenge Texas Hold 'Em Poker machine is constructed more like the Terminator than a games machine! The chassis is coated steel to provide ultimate strength. The swooping design work is commercial grade molded plastic with a rich finish that oozes quality. The main playing area is an enormous 26" High Definition LCD screen that is protected from damage by safety tampered glass so you can enjoy a drink or two with your game. To keep the personal feeling of keeping your cards close to your chest you have your own individual 5.5" LCD screen (one on each side). On this you can turn your cards up to see what you've got then put them back down so there's no peeking by your opponent.

Controls are swift and easy thanks to no expense spared high grade arcade components, featuring a trackball and three buttons. There's no need to spend time learning what each button does as when it's your turn labels are provided on the main screen just above each button to show the options available to you. This is so you can concentrate on the game!

Game Modes

The cutting edge dedicated PokerTek CPU runs through an Intel processor, backed by a generous 2 Gig of memory to create a machine that makes Poker effortless. If you want to polish up on your Poker skills this is the machine to do it on! Practice as much as you like in the single player mode. Bring fun and excitement by challenging a friend to a two player Heads Up game or make a real night of it with a full Texas Hold 'Em Poker knockout tournament with up to 8 players!

To make you as comfortable as possible we also include
2 FREE Gaming Stools
that are designed to compliment the machine.

26” High Definition LCD Main Screen to view all the action
2 x 5.5” LCD screens for checking your cards
Cutting Edge Dedicated PokerTek CPU
2 Gig of memory
Performance Intel Embedded Processor
HAPP Made track ball “BEST of the BEST” in the gaming industry
HAPP arcade buttons for easy play
Safety tampered glass protects the main screen
Table is UL/CUL/FCC/CE Certified and RoHS compliant
Made of durable commercial-grade plastic
Base – cast-steel base with adjustable feet
Post – extruded aluminium
Chassis and vault – coated steel

Height: 42” x Width 42” x Depth 27”


Please Note: This machine comes complete with a comprehensive 12 month warranty. Please allow up to 10 working days for delivery.