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The House of the Dead 4 Mini
4,995.00 2,995.00

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In The House of the Dead 4, players utilize a new submachine gun (based on a cross between a MAC-10 and an Uzi). Previous installments had used handguns and a shotgun. The submachine gun allows for continuous fire. The gun also has a motion sensor that can detect when the player shakes the gun. The player can reload the gun by shaking it. The game also features grenades (three received at the start of each stage) that the player can throw to destroy large numbers of enemies. Additional grenades can be earned by completing certain tasks or by shooting crates.

In some points in the game, players are required to shake the gun vigorously in order to escape certain situations. For instance, early in the game, players will face a closed sewer gate. If they shake the gun fast enough, the gate will open and lead to an easier path. If they fail, the game takes a much harder route..

The stages themselves feature some changes. This game features a wide variety of branching paths. Most of the paths lead to the same point in the game's story. As with The House of the Dead III, there is an end-of-stage bonus where players can receive lives (one for A/B rank, two for S rank) depending on critical shots (continuous weak-point shots), accuracy, and score. Another returning factor is the presence of the "Cancel" bar.

The gameplay is fast and furious while the graphics blur the line between reality and fiction with some scary almost photrealistic moments! If you love the House of the Dead series you'll die for this machine!

Manufacturer: Sega
Year: 2005
Display: 52" 4:3 Screen Deluxe
Audio: Amplified Stereo
Number of Simultaneous Players: 2
Maximum number of Players: 2

Height: 94" x Width 60" x Depth 76"

Please Note: This machine will undergo a refurbishment process once ordered so please allow 14 days before the machine can be delivered. Due to constantly changing stock the cabinet design may vary from the one shown.