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Lethal Enforcers 3 Advanced Two Player Shooting Game
4,695.00 2,995.00

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Lethal Enforcer 3 takes you to present day Tokyo where you place your life on the line in the call of duty as you track down yakuza crime bosses, terrorists and fugitives.

Lethal Enforcer 3, released in 2005, is the third sequel in Konami's Lethal Enforcers series. It is a light gun game similar to Time Crisis and World Combat where players point their pistol off-screen briefly to reload or continuously to activate their shield which protects them from incoming bullets but at the expense of forward movement.

This game showcases the new Konami explosive recoil gun that gives the players realistic firing action and Konami's unique vibrating foot system. Coupled with the high powered bass speakers that vibrate when players shoot, your heart will pound as your body reacts to the realism of the games environment.

This game features two player simultaneous action with players racing each other using the Konami Dead Heat System. Forward movement is essential for a player to make his way to the next checkpoint, shooting criminals along the way, before his competitor does. Staying alive, capturing the bad guys and beating your competition to the checkpoint wins you a promotion. The winner gets to choose the next mission and the loser has to follow orders.

Hi definition graphics bring the action to life with superb visual effects and such attention to detail you feel you are prowling the streets the Tokyo.

There are 6 realistic scenarios for players to choose from allowing them to simulate various roles of law enforcement. Players have the opportunity to use numerous weapons on their missions including revolvers, machine guns, shot guns and rifles.

Unlike Lethal Enforcers and Lethal Enforcers II: Gunfighters, players do not lose lives when they shoot innocent civilians but instead are demoted.

Different missions include tracking down yakuza in downtown Tokyo as police officers, infiltrating a yakuza run cargo ship as elite coast guard and regaining control of a nuclear power plant taken over by terrorists as special ops soldiers.

Height: 102.4 x Width 60.2 x Depth 73.4


Please Note: Once ordered this machine will undergo a refurbishment process by our trained engineers, so please allow 14 days before the machine can be delivered. Due to constantly changing stock the cabinet design may vary from the one shown.