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Maximum Force - Sequel to Area 51 Shooting Arcade Machine

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Maximum Force is often referred to as the sequel to the very popular Area 51 - even promoted as this by Atari when the machine was launched. The game features Atari's highly accurate AccuAim optical targeting system to give you pixel perfect accuracy from your trusty pistol. There are 3 fantastic games where you play a counter terrorism agent who must save the day!

Naval Operation
The first stage of the game is the seizure of a large container freighter. You must fend off gunmen and helicopters on the deck, while dealing with the occasional boats full of gunmen that pull aside the freighter. Once all is safe, you must dive underwater through a minefield while evading homing torpedoes in order to reach the enemy base.

Bank Robbery
The second stage involves a massive bank robbery that makes Heat look tame! You must clear out the robbers outside of the bank, where civilian traffic has been halted. Then you enter the burning bank while evading men driving on motorcycles and throwing grenades at you. Battle to the roof to make the bank secure.

Drug Cartel
The final stage takes place in a dense jungle. Your plane is shot down and you must fight through the jungle while avoiding fellow friendly commandos and scientists. Once you reach a large research facility that is an undercover drug cartel all hell breaks loose!

There's a total of 30 bonus secret rooms hidden on this machine! Here's just a few ways to access 3 of them:

Duck Hunt : To play the duck hunt bonus game, shoot the posters that hang from columns in the second mission.

Chicken Hunt : To play the chicken hunt bonus game, shoot all of the buttons in the elevator on the second mission.

The Horse Race : Shoot out all of the 'art' paintings in mission 2 and you will get into the horse race.

This is an excellent fast paced shooter with enough variety to keep you entertained for a very long time!

Manufacturer: Atari Games
Display: CRT Colour
Audio: Amplified Stereo
Number of Simultaneous Players: 2 - Light Guns
Maximum number of Players: 2

Machine Condition
This arcade machine is an original that has been refurbished to a good standard.

Please note: Due to constantly changing stock the cabinet design may vary from the one shown.