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Need for Speed Twin Driving Arcade Machine

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The roar of the engine as you hit 150 mph, the blur of the trees flying by, sweat dripping, your heart pounding as you barely make it through yet another turn in your Viper GTS with that @#!%&! Lamborghini three inches off your tail; if this sounds like fun then this is your game.

EA Sports' Need For Speed is as realistic a simulation of driving the world’s top high-performance cars as you can get without actually buying one of them. The game uses several cars, rendered accurately inside and out, including the Lamborghini Diablo, Dodge Viper and the Mazda RX-7. The visual realism is coupled with motion modeling and 3-D graphics based on real world physics, to simulate being behind the wheel as you scream down the road with satisfying heart pounding reality.

Need For Speed was released in 2004 by Global VR in conjunction with EA Sports. The cabinet features an authentic gear shift, brakes, gas and force feedback steering wheel for driving realism. The dashboard panel and engine sounds of each car are unique as are the performance and handling characteristics for each vehicle. Players select the level of driving difficulty when preparing for play and the system provides easier handling for beginners and more demanding and realistic driving physics for experienced drivers.

The 29" high-resolution monitor vividly displays the awesome scenery and brilliant effects that add to the immersive reality of the game. Switch between three different viewpoints to get all the action!

Players have eight tracks to race on. Five of the tracks are circuit speedways and the other three tracks are open road courses. The tracks are visually stunning with amazing detail and variety while providing many back road short cuts for the adventurous driver. The open road courses feature oncoming traffic to make things interesting and keep you on your toes as well as police cars to outrun.

Global VR has once again brought a console classic to satisfying arcade reality.

The games six speaker surround sound audio system provides immersive 3-D sound effects for racing realism . Consoles can also be linked together, up to a total of 4, for simultaneous multi-player competition.

Height: 76” x Width 70” x Depth 62”

363 kg

Please Note: The Need for Speed Twin Driving Arcade Machine is provided with a 12 month warranty. A coin mechanism is provided to be used at the customer's discretion. Please allow up to 10 days for delivery. This takes into account preparation of your machine and a 5 day soak test period.