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Rambo Arcade Machine - Release Your Rage
£10,995.00 £8,995.00

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Release your rage! That's the key to the all new Rambo arcade machine.

At last you can take the role of the one man army and battle through enemies in true Rambo style. There are 3 great levels featuring footage from the films!

FIRST BLOOD - Protecting his dignity
Rambo was a great soldier in the Green Berets. He went to see his brother in arms in one town but was arrested by the police and tortured. Once incarcerated, he relives his awful memories of the war, but escapes and fights the police and the National Guard.

Rambo servicng time in prison, is released to go save POW's still held in Vietnam. Accepting the request Rambo finds the prison compound, witness the awful conditions and ignores his surveillance orders and rescues the POW's.

RAMBO 3 - Protecting his best friend
Rambo was in a Buddhist temple to heal his emotional damage. He hears news that Colonel Trautman was abducted on his Afghanistan mission. Rambo launches a rescue mission to save his only friend and former commander.

The Game
The LIFE, ammo remaining, RAGE GAUGE and Medals of the player playing on the left (Player 1) are shown at the bottom left of the screen, while those of the player playing on the right (Player 2) are shown at the bottom right of the screen. When there are no players playing, the number of credits is displayed.

Rage Mode
The player enters RAGE MODE after pressing the RAGE activation button. The player can use RAGE MODE for a set amount of time depending on the level displayed in the RAGE GAUGE. When RAGE MODE is activated, the power of the bullets and the automatic firing speed increase. If it is activated when the RAGE GAUGE is on MAX, the player will become invincible for a brief period of time.

As the game progresses, Rambo is faced with various tasks, such as defeating enemies with a knife or running away from bombs dropped from the air. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the task.

The instructions will vary depending on the task, such as shooting a target within a designated time limit or pressing the START button repeatedly. If the player fails at the task, the playerís health may be damaged, possibly to the point of losing LIFE, or the player may be diverted to a path of the game where a large number of enemies appear and launch a massive attack.

A unique boss awaits the player at the end of each stage. The way to defeat them varies and will be revealed in the form of on-screen instructions.

The bossís life gauge will decrease when the player attacks according to the instructions. The player defeats the boss by successfully carrying out all of the instructions.

Tips to Play
Aim and shoot at the weapons! If you shoot the enemiesí weapons, they can be defeated with a single shot. Even the large enemies with lots of strength can be quickly eliminated if you aim at their weapons.

Defeat enemies with SUPERSHOTS
When you defeat enemy with a SUPERSHOT, your Rage Gauge will fill quicker, and you will receive a higher grade at the end of the stage. There are three types of SUPERSHOTS: CRACK SHOTS, which are when you shoot an enemyís weapon, FAST SHOTS, which are when you defeat an enemy soon after he/she appears on the screen, and HEROIC SHOTS, which are when you defeat an enemy soon after he/she appears on the screen by shooting his/her weapon. Youíll get through the game like a pro by making these SUPERSHOTS in succession.

Complete the tasks!
Various tasks will arise within the stages. If you fail at a task, your health may be damaged or you may be diverted to a more difficult path. Successfully completing the tasks is the key to better performance.

If you are low on LIFE, shoot items that will give you more!
When you are hit by enemy attacks, you will lose LIFE, but there are items within the stage that can increase your LIFE. You will also get more LIFE based on your performance after you clear a stage. Play often to improve your skills at getting more LIFE. Note that you will not be able to increase your LIFE past the MAX.

Make effective use of RAGE MODE!
If you press the RAGE activation button when you have something in your RAGE GAUGE, you will enter RAGE MODE for the amount of time corresponding to what is left in your RAGE GAUGE. While in RAGE MODE, the power of your bullets and the automatic firing speed will increase, and you will not need to reload. Use RAGE MODE if you get surrounded by a large number of enemies or come up against an enemy that you are not good at defeating.

If you enter RAGE MODE after filling your RAGE GAUGE completely, you will be invincible. You can fill your RAGE GAUGE quicker by defeating your enemies with SUPERSHOTS. The gauge will also fill when you are hit by enemy fire or acquire items.

Follow the instructions for defeating bosses carefully!
The way to defeat the boss varies for each stage. Some of them can be defeated by hitting a target with a single shot, while others have to be shot with a large number of bullets within a certain amount of time. Remember the way to defeat them and fight them accordingly.

H 78.5" x W 39" x D 39"


Please Note: This is a brand new machine that is supplied with a coin mechanism. Please allow 7 to 14 days for delivery.