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Refurbished Retro MultiGame Taito Tabletop Arcade Machine
1,195.00 1,095.00

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Take a seat and enjoy the real arcade experience on a genuine retro tabletop! If you're looking to recreate that tingling sensation of playing a retro game such as Space Invaders or Pac-Man on a classic Taito tabletop arcade machine this is your lucky day!

Home Use or Retro Chic Your Venue!

Original Taito Tabletop Arcade Machine
Stripped Bare & Rebuilt for Modern Day Reliability
Beautiful Powder Coated Metal Work
Lovely Reproduction Toughened Glass Top
Innards Updated for Modern Day Reliability
Available FreePlay or Modern Multi-Coin Mechanism
12 Months Warranty

A Genuine Original Tabletop Arcade Machine
We have a fantastic brand new tabletop in the form of the GameCab Retro Tabletop arcade machine, but if it's old school that you crave we're able to spoon you a large dollop of retro based satisfaction.

This is an original cabinet that is well over twenty years old so you should expect some marks and sign of wear, or as we like to say, character. To enhance the machine we spend 36 hours carrying out the following!

The Process
We don't just take a tabletop arcade machine out, wipe it down with a cloth and send it out of the door. Why? Because we believe in providing you with a reliable machine that will last. We stand by this by providing you with a comprehensive 12 month warranty. We replace ALL of the internals. There is nothing old and outdated to fail on you. Our video above shows everything in detail! Take a look now to see how glorious these original Taito tabletops look once they've been professionally refurbished.

The Cosmetics
First is an intensive deep cleaning process that ends in the table being varnished. The original scratched glass is replaced with a perfect reproduction that is made from toughened safety glass. To further enhance the effect we also reproduce the artwork under the glass. All of the metal work is sand blasted clean and then powder coated. The legs are finished in a gorgeous silver. All plastics are deep cleaned and polished to a luxurious shine. The finished result is literally like stepping back in time.

The Games
As your whole cabinet has received an overhaul we also install a new game card system for you that features a selection of 60 classic arcade games. This adds a whole new level of enjoyment to your original tabletop arcade machine.




PLUS... MANY MANY MORE Retro Classics! Please contact us for the full game list!


Easy To Use
The system is easy to use. All you need to do is power up the machine and within 20 seconds you'll be dropped into an easy to use menu system. From here you can simply choose your game and play away.

Full Control
There is a full admin back end on the system that is accessed by holding down a button inside the machine on power-up. This allows you to adjust a variety of parameters including the difficulty of individual games, the speed it runs at and the number of lives available. These are the same options arcade machine operators had all those years ago to swipe your 10p's from you!

Height Adjustable
Achieve the perfect playing position with height adjustment from 58.5cm to 64cm.

Have a special message or retro artwork etched into the glass. This makes your tabletop arcade machine truly unique! Please ask us for details.

We believe in our machines, that's why we provide you with a comprehensive 12 month warranty.

Please Note: This Original Taito Tabletop Arcade Machine is provided with a 12 month warranty. 36 Hours of loving care is put into your machine to make it the best that it can be. The games are included free with this system. A multi-coin mechanism on modern currency is provided at an additional cost of 50, or the machine can be set to freeplay. Please allow up to 14 days for delivery.