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Silent Scope 2 - Fatal Judgment - Sniper Rifle Arcade Machine
1,995.00 1,495.00

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Silent Scope 2 - Fatal Judgment is the second installment of the famous first person arcade shooter that puts you in the shoes of a sniper during a series of terrorist incidents. Unlike most first person shooters, the gun for this game is mounted to the machine, requiring you to physically alter your position to shoot... and the reason you have to alter your position is the rather exciting sniper scope that features a small LCD display that allows you to get up close and personal to the action!

In this sequel to the original Silent Scope you say goodbye to a random American street and say hello to spectacular scenes based in London, then see you battling it out across Europe.

There's 3 great play modes to choose from! Story Mode - Shooting Range Mode - Duel Mode.

  • Gun Scope: The gun used in Silent Scope arcade machines is shaped as a sniper rifle, and its scope features a small LCD display to show a zoomed-in view of the current area. The featured sniper rifle in the game is a replica of the PSG-1 semi-automatic sniper rifle.
  • Time Limit: Players are constantly fighting against the clock at the top of the game, time is increased after clearing an area of all enemies.
  • Life Recovery: To recover life lost in the game, players must look for beautiful women and train the scope on them.
  • Auto-reload: Players do not reload the gun, the cartridge is reloaded automatically after every five shots.

Main Changes from the Original Silent Scope

  • It supports a two-player mode, where the player can play as either "Jackal" or "Falcon", each with a different viewpoint and sniping angle in each level.
  • It is a longer game than Silent Scope.
  • It is set in Europe.

The Game Plot
You first pick off a few enemies along Tower Bridge, with most of them found on distant buildings, in boats, or on the bridge itself. Afterwards, you meet your counterpart, either Jackal or Falcon (whichever you don't choose). You are then sent to a research facility on the continent, to kill several snow based enemies. This leads to the first boss, Tanya, who uses a burner to scorch you. Afterwards, you battle outside the snow base, then take on another boss, Fox.

After completing the snow missions, you're sent to recover a stolen airplane, and afterwards, face another boss, Cobra, who has seemed to have survived the previous encounter in Silent Scope and claims to be immortal. After taking him out you're sent to a ruins-like location with a river near it. The boss, The Collector, is more challenging than the previous ones, as he has full body armour and has a tank as well as several fire arms as weapons.

After a titanic battle you then jet to an opera house and battle another boss, the Star. Finally you've made it to the enemy's base to battle a pair of ninja-like bosses, Sho and Kane, before facing the big boss with only one bullet left.

Technical Specification
Manufacturer: Konami
Year: 2000
Genre: Shooter

Orientation: Horizontal
Type: Raster: Medium Resolution
CRT: Color

Cabinet Details
Number of Simultaneous Players: 1
Maximum number of Players: 2
Gameplay: Alternating
Control Panel Layout: Single Player
Gun: Positional with trigger
Sound: Amplified Stereo (two channel)

Machine Condition
This arcade machine is an original that has been refurbished to a good standard.

Please note: Due to constantly changing stock the cabinet design may vary from the one shown.