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Terminator Salvation Arcade Machine Twin Shooter
9,995.00 8,495.00

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It was a forgone conclusion. The first Terminator film set the scene. If Sarah and later, John Connor had been successful at stopping Judgment Day the Terminator would never have gone back in time. With this in mind you realise that all you can do is survive!

Terminator Salvation is an arcade machine that puts you in the thick of the action. You know you're in trouble as soon as your step up to the machine and see a T-600 Terminator staring at you complete with soulless red eyes. Gulp!

The game takes the classic 3rd person shooter and injects that Terminator magic. Even this cabinet looks like it was designed by a machine to be the best. An enormous 42" LCD HD widescreen monitor lets you see unbelievable game detail as your stomach is churned from the pounding bass as shot after shot is fired to dispatch the approaching metal hordes.

The gun fits nicely into your shoulder, recoiling on every shot. When your gun is empty you don't point away from the screen like on some shooters you just need to hit the clip with your hand and you're loaded ready to rock and roll! This reloading action really adds to the play. Especially when you have a fast approaching Terminator and you need to reload... NOW.

You don't just have a machine gun, you can also collect grenades, shotguns, rocket launchers and Arnie's favourite the devastating mini gun.

This is a big game that gives you breathtaking cinematic gameplay that tests the best soldier. It's one of those games where you know you're going to ache in the morning.

H 105 " x W 43 " x D 62 "


Please Note: This is a a like new machine that was released in 2009. Please allow 7 to 14 days for delivery.