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Wartran Troopers 4 Player Shooting Arcade Machine
4,995.00 3,495.00

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In the inimitable words of General George S. Patton, "No b*****d ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb b*****d die for his country".

Konami's Wartran Troopers, released in 2004, provides players as realistic a squad's combat experience as they are likely ever to have this side of signing up at their local recruiter. This four player shooter, based on Konami's Viper hardware, is the follow up to their successful Warzaid.

Players assume the characters of soldiers who are run through a military exercise that would make a Navy Seal weep (well maybe not a Navy Seal but certainly any normal mortal). Sergeants from the Air Force, Army and Navy run players through eight levels of battle where players must perform as a team or perish.

Players are part of an elite team where they must operate as a team and think strategically in order to conquer the enemy. An intelligent enemy, vicious mercenaries and mechanized war machines, with their own strategies, skills and weaponry that will cheerfully hand you your head on a platter if given an opportunity to do so.

Players choose one of four rifles and acquire as much additional weaponry as possible during training exercises. Players build up their weapon inventory by shooting a variety of targets including aircraft, tanks and, of course, enemy soldiers and can add shotguns, the ever popular rocket launcher, and the essential sniper rifle.

The game features two 50" projection monitors and eight speakers to build a totally immersive battle environment.

Height: 88” x Width 82.5” x Depth 73.6 ”


Please Note: Once ordered this machine will undergo a refurbishment process by our trained engineers, so please allow 14 days before the machine can be delivered. Due to constantly changing stock the cabinet design may vary from the one shown.