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Williams Defender Arcade Machine
£2,295.00 £1,895.00

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Defend the human population from swarms of attacking aliens.This game was slow to become a hit when it was released as many thought it was too difficult due to its five buttons and a joystick configuration. It ended up gaining many fans and still remains a cult classic.

Your mission, as captain of the Defender, is to protect the humanoids stranded on the planet from their alien abductors. The scanner will help you determine a strategy to shoot down the alien ships before they reach the humanoids. If you destroy the aliens after they have captured their prey, you must return the humanoids to the safety of the planet or they will fall to their death. If an alien carries its victim out of your range, the humanoid will mutate, join the alien force, and take to assault with deadly vengeance!

The challenge becomes ever more intense as the action progresses. Fighter ships (Bombers) and mines will test your skills. A direct hit will destroy the mother ship (Pods) but smash it into a swarming mass of mini-ships (Swarmers) which then must be wiped out! If you do not act quickly, the cosmic Baiter will attack! Use your two escape options only if all else fails! Your "smart bomb" power is limited and "hyperspace" puts you into an unknown space warp. But beware! If all the humanoids are abducted, the entire planet will explode in a blinding flash!

This game shares the title of "Highest Grossing Video Game of All Time" along with Pac-Man. To date it has earned more than one billion dollars!

Original 1980 Williams Defender
Original Side Artwork
Freeplay or Coin-operated

D 32.5" x H 72" x W 28.5"


Please Note: Our stock on original retro arcade machines from the 80ís is constantly changing. If youíre interested in one of these machines please contact us.